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C3S_34d Provision of additional world-wide CORDEX simulations for the C3S Climate Data Store

Facilitate CORDEX simulations from non-EUROPEAN domains for the COPERNICUS-CDS.

COPERNICUS_resize.png Tipo de proyecto: Proyecto europeo
Fuente Financiadora: Copernicus Climate Change Service
Programa: Contrato de transferencia de investigación
Periodo: Diciembre 2019 - Junio 2021
Estado: En progrso
Web: https://climate.copernicus.eu/c3s34d-provision-additional-world-wide-cordex-simu...

ECMWF as the Entrusted Entity for the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) invites tenders for the implementation of additional CORDEX data in the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS). At present only data from EURO-CORDEX and MED-CORDEX domains are being incorporated into the CDS, cf. https://climate.copernicus.eu/climate-projections.

However, requirements from a variety of users have highlighted the need to include data for other regions of the world as well. This ITT invites bids to identify currently available data for additional CORDEX regions, with the objective for these datasets to be included in the CDS. The work will connect with and expand on the activities performed in various C3S Climate Projections contracts.

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