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WRF multi-physics ensemble for the african CORDEX domain

This work presents the results of a CORDEX kick-off experiment with the WRF-ARW model. A sensitivity test on different physical parameterizations for annual simulations of the African domain was carried out. The domain covers the whole African continent (aprox. 50S-50N, 30W-92E) with a horizontal resolution of 50 km and 33 vertical levels. The objective of the study is twofold. On one hand, this is a first step toward the selection of physical parameterizations to be run in the long term to produce CORDEX-compliant simulations for Africa using WRF. For this purpose, the simulation results were validated with gridded surface observations (e.g. from CRU and TRMM satellite precipitation rates) and ERA-Interim reanalysis. On the other hand, the study assesses the spread of the multi-physics ensemble for different key variables (to be compared with the multi-model spread) and the relative results of each ensemble member with respect to the control member. The larger impacts on the simulations were related to the boundary layer and soil schemes.

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