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Spatio-temporal error growth in the multi-scale Lorenz96 model

Revista: Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics
Año: 2010   Volumen: 17
Página inicial: 329   Última página: 337
Estado: Publicado
En este estado desde: 3 Jul 2010
Enlace al PDF: http://www.nonlin-processes-geophys.net/17/329/2010/npg-17-329-2010.pdf
DOI: 10.5194/npg-17-329-2010

The influence of multiple spatio-temporal scales on the error growth and predictability of atmospheric flows is analyzed throughout the paper. To this aim, we consider the two-scale Lorenz’96 model and study the interplay of the slow and fast variables on the error growth dynamics. It is shown that when the coupling between slow and fast variables is weak the slow variables dominate the evolution of fluctuations whereas in the case of strong coupling the fast variables impose a non-trivial complex error growth pattern on the slow variables with two different regimes, before and after saturation of fast variables. This complex behavior is analyzed using the recently introduced Mean-Variance Logarithmic (MVL) diagram.

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