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Evaluating and Improving Regional Climate Projections. WRCP Task Force.

There is an increasing need for detailed, high-resolution regional information regarding future climate. Such information is needed by scientists in disciplines that require climate information (e.g. hydrologists), decision- and policy-makers, and by those assessing climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. Although climate change projections must necessarily be undertaken with global models, such models will never have sufficient spatial detail for all applications. Constraints on available computing resources will always limit model resolution; therefore, various techniques have been developed for ‘downscaling’ global climate projections (and shorter-term climate predictions) and for producing fine-scale regional climate information. These include nested regional climate models, variable resolution global models, global uniform high-resolution time-slice simulations, statistical downscaling, and/or combinations of these methods.

This workshop is part of the Task Force on Regional Climate Downscaling (TFRCD) under the auspices of the WCRP and reporting to WGCM (http://wcrp.ipsl.jussieu.fr/SF_RCMTerms.html).