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International Workshop on Extreme Events: Theory, Observations, Modeling, and Prediction

This workshop launches the program Trends in Complex Systems [www.pks.mpg.de or ifisc.uib.es]. We will address the current state of research of extreme events to stimulate new work in this field. The talks will cover a wide range of issues related to extreme events in complex systems, such as listing systems and model classes where evidence for extreme events exists, presenting current statistical tools for the characterization of extreme events including temporal and spatial correlations, and highlighting examples where a detailed understanding of underlying mechanisms has been achieved. This will be completed by the issue of prediction and predictability, of scoring and evaluating predictions, and control of extreme events, as well as considerations about the discrepancy between physical impact of some event and societal impact.

In addition to the invited speakers, the workshop facilities enable us to target an audience of about 60 additional participants, who will also present their work in contributed talks and posters. A special emphasis of this workshop lies on discussion, for which ample time is available.