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Validation of spatial variability in downscaling results from the VALUE perfect predictor experiment

Journal: International Journal of Climatology
Year: 2019  
Status: Published
In this status since: 30 Apr 2019
PDF file: 2019_Widmann_IJOC.pdf
DOI: 10.1002/joc.6024
WIdmann, M., , , Bosshard, T., Hertig, E., Maraun, D., Casado, M.J., Ramos, P., Cardoso, R.M., Soares, P. M. M., Ribalaygua, J., Pagé, C, Fischer, A., , Huth, R.

The spatial dependence of meteorological variables is crucial for many impacts, e.g. droughts, floods, river flows, energy demand, and crop yield. There is thus a need to understand how well it is represented in downscaling products. Within the COST Action VALUE we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of spatial variability in the output of over 40 different downscaling methods in a perfect predictor setup. The downscaling output is evaluated against daily precipitation and temperature observations for the period 1979-2008 at 86 sites across Europe and 53 sites across Germany.