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International Conference on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and Application to Natural Hazards

Extreme values of geophysical variables are closely related to Natural Hazards. The Haiyan typhoon, the floods in UK together with the widespread coastal damages along the European Atlantic coast and the record heat waves in Australia are only some examples of recent natural hazards. The negative effect of natural hazards on the environment and society is evident. In this context, the extreme value analysis plays an important role for the understanding and characterization of hazardous natural events, which leads to effective adaptation strategies.

The overall aim of the conference is to bring together and promote interchange between a diverse community of research scientists, students, practitioners and stakeholders concerned with this complex and inter-disciplinary topic.

Topics of interest include:
• Description of probabilistic models that are useful in extreme value problems and applications.
• Non-stationary extreme value analyses.
• Multivariate extreme value statistics.
• Spatial/regional analysis of extreme values.
• Extreme value analysis from a climate perspective.
• Uncertainties in extreme value analyses.
• Risk analysis.