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Third International workshop on downscaling

Aims: Based on the discussions during the first workshop held in January 25-27, 2010, we will talk over the common important problems we are facing. In addition to the relevant progress made during the past year, we would like to highlight the following:

(1) Usability of the downscaled product: In the last year’s workshop, we found that there was a large gap between the capability of models and user’s requirement. We will discuss how to fill the gaps, particularly in connection with statistical down-scaling.
(2) Predictability of RCM: How to meet the Dr. R. Pielke’s criticism on value added by regional model. Dr. Kimura and several others showed an example of the added value by RCM, last year. We would like to further deepen the discussions in relation to the fundamental problem addressed by Dr. Kanamitsu.
(3) Suggestions on the future of downscaling research: Summarizing the discussions in (1) and (2), we intend to come up with a list of fundamental and essential unresolved problems in downscaling. We will try to define the breakthrough points that determine the future of the downscaling research.