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Execution of WRF workflows on local and distributed resources with WRF4G

WRF experiments usually involve more than just a single simulation. Hindcast,
multi-parametric or long (climate) experiments involve a number of model runs
with dependencies. These experiments are usually managed by the user in an
ad-hoc manner, with specific scripts that account for the workflow required. On
the other hand, the user has usually access to multiple computer resources and
a given experiment is manually sent to one of them. WRF4G is a wrapper of the
WRF workflow that simplifies the design of experiments and distributes them
across the computational resources at hand. As a large-scale example of access
to multiple sites, Grid computing enables the use of geographically distributed
computer resources in a transparent way. WRF4G can send the experiments to Grid
resources. Moreover, interrupted simulations are restarted in an unattended way
until the experiment is finished.