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2nd WRF Lecture Series at the Bjerknes Center (NorWRF)

Preliminary program:

The workshop will consist of presentations by lecturers from all over the world, a display of interesting posters, a Mini Course by NCAR, including a “One-on-one” session (speed-date) with the NCAR researchers.
Here is a taste of some of the lectures we will be given:

• Cindy Bruyere: Advanced WRF
• Ole Bøssing Christensen: ORDEX: Collecting RCM data for the whole World
• Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen: How wrong are we: Does downscaling make sense?
• Helge Drange: Status of the Norwegian Earth System Model NorESM and the need for climate information identified in the recently released Norwegian Green Paper on Climate Adaptation
• Jimy Dudhia: Overview of WRF Physics
• Greg Holland: Regional Climate Modeling of High Impact Weather
• Colin Jones: First Results from the Africa-CORDEX intercomparison
• Bill Skamarock: Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model Using Voronoi Meshes for Regional Climate Prediction
• Roy Rasmussen: High-resolution simulation of seasonal snowfall and streamflow over the Colorado Headwaters region and some impacts of climate change
• Thomas Spengler: Orographic impacts on baroclinic waves
• Morgan B. Yarker: Incorporating scientific models into the school curriculum: the recipe for future climate modelers
• Morgan B. Yarker: Using the Weather Research and Forecasting model to study the impact of a hypothetical volcano eruption on regional weather in the Gulf of Alaska