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IBERGRID'2011 is the fifth edition of a series of Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conferences initiated in 2007 under the framework of the bilateral agreement for Science and Technology signed in November 2003 between Portugal and Spain, aiming to leverage the construction of a common Iberian Grid Infrastructure and to foster cooperation in the fields of grid computing and supercomputing.
The principal topics of IBERGRID'2011 include:

* European Grid Initiative - EGI and IBERGRID infrastructure
* Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe - PRACE
* Virtualization techniques on top of computing resources
* Interactive SuperComputing
* Green IT in the designing of Computing centerfacilities
* Large Data Repositories
* Applications over very high performance networks
* ESFRI implementations in the Iberian area
* LHC Computing Grid and Tier-0 topology
* Applications oriented to Volunteer computing
* Expanding beyond classic user communities