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7th EMS / 8th ECAM

Aims & Scope

The EMS and ECAM are organising their meeting together for the fourth time. After a very successful conference in Utrecht two years ago, these conferences are evolving as a forum for the exchange of ideas on future strategies in meteorology and climatology, that involves the whole atmospheric and related communities: scientists, service providers,
manufacturers and users.

Following the WMO conference on Social and Economic Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services (held in March 2007 in Madrid), the release of the IPCC report 2007 and the publication of the Stern report, the theme of our meetings is High Impact Weather.

8th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology

The central focus of ECAM is the application of meteorology for society. The conference will provide a platform where meteorological community can exchange their ideas, results, needs, demands and aims for now and the future.

7th EMS Annual Meeting

The 7th EMS Annual Meeting will address a wide spectrum of scientific and application topics in atmospheric sciences – Atmosphere and the Water Cycle, Forecasting the Weather from one day to one year ahead, Climatology (under the auspices of ECSN) and Meteorology and Society.