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Thematic network on probabilistic graphical models

Spanish thematic network around the topic of graphical probabilistic models, including applications in industry.

Project type: National project
Program: Spanish R+D Program 2004-2007
Period: January 2006
Status: In progress
Web: web

The network is formed by nine spanish research groups focusing on different topics related to the Graphical Probabilistic Networs (GPN) and, in particular to Bayesian Networks.:

  • Theoretical development of GPNs
  • Automatic learning of GPNs
  • Inference and evidence propagation in GPNs
  • Explaining GPNs
  • Canonical models
  • Influence diagrams
  • Real-life applications
    • Medical diagnosis
    • Weather forecast
    • Bioinformatics
    • Information retriebal
    • Genomics and microarray analysis
    • Search engines
    • Optimization
    • Computer vision
  • Development of the Elvira software