ENSEMBLES Downscaling Portal (version 2)

One of the goals of the ENSEMBLES project is maximizing the exploitation of the results by linking the outputs of the ensemble prediction system (multi-model climate change global simulations) to a range of applications, including agriculture, health, food security, energy, water resources, and insurance, which use high resolution climate inputs to feed their models. The downscaling portal allows end-users to calibrate/downscale the coarse model outputs in the region of interest using historical observed records. The portal includes public observation datasets (e.g. GSOD) and allows uploading new historical data (including private datasets, not available for other users).

This Statistical Downscaling portal provides user-friendly web access to different statistical downscaling techniques and works transparently with the observations, reanalysis and global climate simulations (see the common list of variables available for all models in the portal), obtaining the resulting outputs in simple formats (e.g., text files).

Three steps are neccessary to obtain high resolution forecasts in a region of interest:
  1. Selecting the predictors,
  2. Selecting the local stations and variable (predictand),
  3. Running the desired downscaling jobs (local scenarios).