A wiki site allows the content of a website to be fully created by the users. In order to add content to this wiki you should first register:

A wiki site has no defined hierarchy. The pages can be created on their own with no links between them (the pages with no links to them are called OrphanedPages), but the easiest way to create a new page is by writing a link to it in an existing page

[wiki:NameForThePage Text to appear in the link]

saving the changes and clicking in the newly created link. You will be offered the possibility to create a new page with that name or to use a template to start your page. In this manner, all pages created are referenced by others and can be accessed through normal navigation.

To explore the wiki more in depth, you can visit the SiteNavigation page which offers several ways of presenting the content.

The edition in text mode (Edit (text) link) is recommended. The basic wiki syntax can be learned really fast (you have the basics below your edit textbox and the detailed version in SyntaxReference).

If you want to try out your skills, please, do not create new pages, use the WikiSandBox.