Ongoing studies

The groups contributing to CORDEX-WRF (i.e. those which have finished at least an evaluation or scenario run) may propose here studies they are willing to lead using CORDEX-WRF data with the purpose of writing a paper. Other groups interested in actively participating in the study can join by contacting the leading group/s. Please, the leading groups provide a brief abstract here.

1. Euro-CORDEX WRF 0.44 evaluation (E. Katragkou, AUTH)

Aim of the study is to evaluate the WRF hindcast simulations covering the EURO-CORDEX domain and identify configurations with optimal performance over the 0.44 European domain. The variables examined are 2m temperature and precipitation.

2. Global evaluation of CORDEX-WRF standard configurations (J. Fernandez, UCAN)

[NOTE: This study requires an agreement on standard configurations which has not been established to date]

The standard WRF configurations defined in the framework of CORDEX-WRF are evaluated at global scale in terms of their ability to represent the high resolution (~50km) seasonal mean and variability of precipitation and temperature. The transferability of the different WRF configurations is assessed by ranking their performance in the different CORDEX regions. Sub-regional biases are compared across regions and the weaknesses of the different options which were varied in the different standard configurations are identified.