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The COordinated Regional climate Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX) is a framework aimed at improving coordination of international efforts in regional climate downscaling research. CORDEX was initiated as a result of the task Force on Regional Climate Downscaling, formed by the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). For details on CORDEX, visit the CORDEX website.
The CORDEX-WRF community has been established to coordinate the community of WRF model users within the CORDEX framework. The main mechanisms for coordination are:

  • Regular meetings

  • This CORDEX-WRF Wiki site
  • The CORDEX-WRF distribution list (cordexwrf+subscribe /AT/ googlegroups /DOT/ com)
  • The simulation list ( /SLASH/ cordex /DASH/ wrf /DASH/ simulations)

Specifically, the CORDEX-WRF aims are:

  1. Produce evaluation, historical and scenario simulations using WRF for all CORDEX regions
  2. Coordinate the design of the evaluation simulations and their joint evaluation
  3. Collaborate with the
    1. Region-specific CORDEX Communities (RCC).
    2. WRF community to improve the model for regional climate, by identifying key problems and through aims 4.a and 4.b, below.
  4. Develop
    1. WRF improvements for regional climate modelling
    2. common tools to process model input & output

    3. common metrics to compare RCD results across regions
  5. Collect suitable observational data for evaluation
  6. Foster the exchange of data, knowledge and tools among the groups