If you intend to contribute to CORDEX using WRF, please, add a link (in alphabetical order) here following the format of one of the existing ones.

To create your group's link on this page and a page with your plans:

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to the "Groups" tab.
  3. Choose "Edit (text)" on the actions bar
  4. locate the place where the other links are defined in wiki syntax, copy the line of one group and paste it in alphabetical order for your group
  5. Edit the line to select a wiki page (change the GroupXxxx part to a non-existent one) for your group and include the name of your group

  6. Try the resuls with the Preview button (your link should appear in grey -- don't click it now!)
  7. If it looks ok, "Save changes"

Next, click on your group's link. You will get a message that the page does not exist, but you will have opportunity to create your own blank page or use an already-formatted template (use GroupTemplate).


List of groups planning to contribute to CORDEX using WRF

You can add your placemark

View CORDEX-WRF groups in a larger map