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CORDEX: COordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment

CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to produce regional climate change scenarios globally, contributing to the IPCC AR5 and to the climate community beyond the AR5.

WCRP_logo_lowres.jpg Project type: International project
Program: Collaborative action
Period: April 2009
Status: In progress
Web: CORDEX website

CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to organize an international coordinated framework to produce an improved generation of regional climate change projections world-wide for input into impact and adaptation studies within the AR5 timeline and beyond (visit the web of the kick-off workshop on evaluating and improving regional climate projections held in Toulouse).

CORDEX will produce an ensemble of multiple dynamical and statistical downscaling models considering multiple forcing GCMs from the CMIP5 archive. Initially a 50 km grid spacing has been selected, favoring engagement of wider community. Multiple common domains covering all (or most) land areas in the World have been selected (with initial focus on AFRICA). These regions take advantage of existing regional projects (see the figure below).


The Santander Meteorology Group plans to contribute to this task force using the WRF-ARW model) to downscale the African domain. In particular we will use the WRF4G model (a GRID enabled framework for WRF). We will also try to involve other GRID testbeds in order to run a larger number of domains and scenarios.

CORDEX WRF-Community:
Since WRF is a public domain model with a wide community of users it is expected that some other groups will also contribute to CORDEX using WRF. This will require a coordinated WRF-community action in order to avoid overlapping simulations (parameterizations schemes, etc.). This would give an opportunity to produce a multi-physics experiment, as opposite (and in addition) to the multi-model experiment.
The groups planning to run WRF simulations within CORDEX are gathered in the CORDEX-WRF Community Wiki

State of the Simulations:
2 CORDEX-Africa simulations forced by ERA-Interim finished
Multiphysics ensemble for Africa (2001-2006)
Multi-resolution experiment for Europe (0.44, 0.22 runs finished)