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2016Added value of high resolution RCM simulations and comparison with Statistical Downscaling Methods within the EURO-CORDEX frameworkICRC-CORDEX 2016
2016VALUE perfect predictor validation results, part 1: Marginal, extremal and temporal aspectsICRC-CORDEX 2016
2016The Multi-MIP regional distillation dilema. Results from the Spanish PNACC-2012 ProgramICRC-CORDEX 2016
2016An intercomparison of a large ensemble of statistical downscaling methods for Europe: Overall results from the VALUE perfect predictor cross-validation experimentEGU General Assembly 2016
2016ECOMS-UDG. A User-friendly Data access Gateway to seasonal forecast datasets allowing R-based remote data access, visualization-validation, bias correction and downscaling EGU General Assembly 2016
2016Learning Bayesian networks from big meteorological spatial datasets. An alternative to complex network analysis EGU General Assembly 2016
2016Towards Supporting Climate Scientists and Impact Assessment Analysts with the Big Data Europe PlatformEGU General Assembly 2016
2016Parsimonious algorithms for species distribution modelling produce the most credible future projectionsEcoSummit 2016 Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change
2015Assessing the role of regional climate models as intermediaries between global models and bias correction methodsAvances en la detección y proyecciones del cambio climático en España a la luz del 5º informe del IPCC
2015Results of the coordinated regional climate downscaling experiment using WRF (CORWES project)Avances en la detección y proyecciones del cambio climático en España a la luz del 5º informe del IPCC