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First CLIM-RUN Workshop on Climate Services

This workshop will focus on the development of, and training for, a new research expertise that would lie at the interface between climate science and stakeholder application within the Climate Services framework.

The workshop will run in three parts, the first covering fundamental climate and predictability issues and the last covering specific stakeholder oriented application issues.
The central section will focus on a variety of 'cross-over' themes essential for the delivery of climate services. Extensive hand-on laboratory sessions will be organized to support the theoretical lectures.


• Introduction to climate information (Observations, modeling)
• Correct interpretation of climate forecasts/projections and related uncertainties
• Stakeholder dynamics, methodologies for developing stakeholder interactions
• Communication strategies, transfer of information (including relations with the media)
• Laboratory session on statistical downscaling
• Laboratory session on using climate information from ENSEMBLES data
• Laboratory session on application to coastal zone, energy, fire and tourism sectors.