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CHAIN Workshop (Lyon, France)

The CHAIN project, in cooperation with EUIndiaGrid2, EUMEDGRID-Support and GISELA, organises a workshop that is a follow-up of the Workshops organised at ISGC 2011 in Taipei and at the EGI UF in Vilnius.

The former was focused on interoperation and interoperability between EU and Asia, while the latter was mainly concentrated on the matching of the VRC requirements with the services offered by the eInfrastructure providers.

This workshop proposes to make a step forward investigating the needs of VRC regarding interoperations and interoperability, possibly demonstrating the existing solutions developed until now and discussing the standards that are ready to be adopted. At the date of the EGI TF, CHAIN will have signed MoUs with some VRCs and can thus show the preliminary results of these collaborations.

The interoperations among regional infrastructures both at the operational and organizational levels is one of the CHAIN's major goals.