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Coordinated regional climate downscaling using WRF: A contribution to the CORDEX initiative by the spanish WRF community (CORWES)

CORDEX-WRF-España (CORWES, 2011-2013) is a project recently funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The project aims at coordinating the contribution to the CORDEX initiative by several spanish groups currently using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model as a regional climate downscaling tool. The project objectives align with those of CORDEX and focus on: (1) Contributing CORDEX-compliant simulations for the key domain, Africa, coordinating and colaborating with the CORDEX-WRF and CORDEX communities, (2) conducting research on the regional atmosphere-ocean coupling, assesing the role of the coupling on the climate change signal. The Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) coupled to the WRF model will be used for this purpose. (3) maximizing the number of uncoupled CORDEX-compliant simulations (several physical scheme configurations, domains, global models, scenarios, ...) to be contributed to CORDEX considering geographically-distributed computer resources (GRID technology) using the WRF for GRID (WRF4G) tool. (4) Transferring technology and knowledge among the groups, and to the rest of the community. The project is oriented towards coordination in the development of diagnostic and formatting tools to be contributed as open source tools and the disemination of the know-how acquired within the project (GRID computing as a source of computer power for developing countries, the coupling of the WRF and ROMS models, ...)

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