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A cloud-computing system on the grid through virtualization

Nowadays, scientists who make use of the grid are experiencing incompatibility problems between the scientific application that is executed on Working Nodes (WN) and the software installed on them; such as operating system, libraries, and grid middleware. On the other hand, scientists have problems to submit their jobs to different grid sites, because of the grid does not provide a software installation standard on them. This work presents the integration of virtualization technology on grid WN's. This way, users can introduce an application into a virtual machine (VM) with different software to the one installed on the WN. Thus, the job submitted by the user, will cause the VM to start on a WN of some site and to automatically execute a scientific application that may have been previously prepared in a user friendly environment. This work, which is based on the cloud computing notion, lets the users to execute applications on the grid, in isolation from lower software layers. Results have achieved the expected objective: to let users submit scientific applications to the grid, isolating application dependences from the grid software environment.

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