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Santander Climate Data Service

The Santander Climate Data Service (CDS) is maintained by the Santander Meteorology Group (CSIC-UNICAN; see the dedicated computing facilities) providing climate data curation, storage and access facilities. These services are delivered as part of the UNICAN and CSIC external services.

The Santander CDS supports a number of services:

  • A data node of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), an international collaboration for handling climate science data, with multiple petabytes of data at dozens of federated sites worldwide. It is recognized as the leading infrastructure for the management and access of large distributed data volumes for climate change research.
  • A number of dedicated THREDDS services (via the User Data Gateway), including an open service with publicly available datasets (observations, reanalysis, CMIP, CORDEX) serving a number of international collaborations.

The Santander CDS provides remote access to data catalogs via the User Data Gateway (UDG. It can be also interfaced using the climate4R R framework with provides user-friendly tools for climate data access and postprocessing (including bias adjustment and downscaling).