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Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsConference
2015Bias Correction Intercomparison Project (BCIP): an introduction and the first resultsEGU General Assembly 2015
2015DRM4G: an open source framework for distributed computingHPCKP15
2015Información climática para el usuario finalActo AEMET Cantabria por el Día Meteorológico Mundial 2015
2015On the Credibility of Regional Climate Models to Reproduce Extreme PrecipitationInternational Conference on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and Application to Natural Hazards
2015Evaluación anónima por pares usando moodle: Una experiencia con alumnos de ingenieríaIX Congreso Internacional de Evaluación Formativa y Compartida en Docencia Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria y Universitaria. Tendencias Emergentes en Evaluación: el Papel de las Tecnologías
2015Downscaling climate informationBC3 Summer School: Climate Change. On the Road to Paris
2015Tourism climate indices: uncertainties and reliability issues4th International Conference on Climate, Tourism and Recreation
2014The ECOMS User Data Gateway: homogeneous seasonal to decadal forecast data access for end usersEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Future burned area projections in IberiaEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Regional projection of climate impact indices over the Mediterranean regionEGU General Assembly 2014