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Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsConference
2013A Comparison of Statistical, Dynamical and Combined MOS Downscaling Approaches in the Framework of the PNACC-2012 Spanish ProgramInternational Conference on Regional Climate - CORDEX 2013
2013Regional climate projections for a multidisciplinary assessment of climate change impacts on food security in the PhilippinesInternational Conference on Regional Climate - CORDEX 2013
2013DRM4G: Aggregation of distributed resources for scientific communitiesEGI Technical Forum 2013
2013WRF4SG: SCI-BUS Gateway for meteorological research communityEGI Technical Forum 2013
2013Does increased RCM resolution lead to a better representation of heavy precipitation?C2SM Symposium 2013: The Water Cycle in a Changing Climate
2013Downscaling seasonal to centennial simulations on distributed computing infrastructures using WRF model. The WRF4G project.2013 AGU Fall Meeting
2013Adaptive variation, environmental gradients and demography in maritime pine: from genes to phenotypes and nichesEcoGenes: Adapting to Global Change in the Mediterranean Hotspot
2013A new high resolution climate dataset in the Basque Country: Application for ecological niche modelling and future climate impact estimatesEcoGenes: Adapting to Global Change in the Mediterranean Hotspot
2013WRF4SG: A Scientific Gateway for WRF communitySCI-BUS 2nd Annual Meeting
2013Statistical Downscaling Portal2nd VALUE Training School: Statistical and Dynamical Downscaling of Extreme Events