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InfraStructure for the European Network for Earth System Modelling

logo_isenes.png Project type: European project
Program: 7th European FP
Period: May 2013 - May 2017
Status: In progress
Web: IS-ENES Website

IS-ENES2 will further integrate the European climate modeling community, stimulate common developments of software for models and their environments, foster the execution and exploitation of high-end simulations and support the dissemination of model results to the climate research and impact communities. IS-ENES2 will implement the ENES strategy by extending services on data from global to regional climate models.

Key achievements of the project:

  • Foster the integration of the European Climate and Earth system modeling community
  • Foster the development of Earth System Models for the understanding of climate variability and change.
  • Foster high-end simulations enabling to better understand and predict climate variations and change
  • Foster the application of Earth system model simulations to better predict and understand climate change impacts on society

Expectations from IS-ENES2:

Networking activities will increase the cohesion of the European ESM community and advance a coherent European Network for Earth System modeling. It will provide services on models and model data and metadata both to climate modeling groups and to the users of model results. It will also have specific activity to enhance innovation through ICT technologies and through use of model results for emerging European Climate Services and corporations.

Our contribution to the project
We have tasks in the following work packages:

  • WP5/NA4 (Data Networking): we are present on Task 5 (Requierements for the impact user communities)
  • WP11/JRA3 (Developing software infrastructure for data archive services): we are present on Task 3 which includes the portal development and the generation of derived data products.


  • D11.2 (Task 3, mo 12) EPICIC, version 1 (with 2D plots and time series) commissioned (KNMI)
  • D5.2 (Task 5, mo 24) Assessment of impact communities’ requirements (WU, CERFACS)
  • D11.8 (Task 3, mo 44) EPICIC, version 2, commissioned (KNMI)


  • M5.5 (Task 5, mo 16) Workshop on impact communities’ requirements (WU, CERFACS)
  • M11.6 (Task 3, mo 18) Review requirements and resources for pre-computed products (CERFACS)
  • M5.10 (Task 5, mo 24) Workshop on downscaling guidance (UC)
  • M11.8 (Task 3, mo 24) Report on implementation of services for indices and averaging (KNMI)
  • M11.9 (Task 3, mo 36) Review EPICIC services and objectives (CERFACS)