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WRF4SG: SCI-BUS Gateway for meteorological research community

Conference: EGI Technical Forum 2013
Year: 2013
Contribution type: Poster
PDF file: 2013_blanco_EGI_WRF4SG_Abstract.pdf
Poster: 2013_Blanco_EGI_WRF4SG.pdf

A numerical weather prediction models are computer programs that produce meteorological information for future times at a given region. One of these models is the well-known Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model which is wide-spread adopted by the target domain climate community. Unfortunately, configuring and running climate models such as WRF is a very complicated process. Due to that, the Santander Meteorology Group has developed a scientific gateway called WRF4SG in order to automatically manage WRF climate experiments by means of an execution, monitoring and data management providing time-saving features to the climate community.