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The role of teleconnection patterns on extreme precipitation indices over Europe

The purpose of this study is to present results about the variability of some extreme precipitation indices over
Europe and to find causes for the occurrence of extreme precipitation by taking into account the influence of
teleconnection patterns. We use the daily gridded dataset derived through interpolation of station data (E-OBS)
version 3.0. The variability of the indices would be analyzed by means of Empirical Orthogonal Function to reduce
the dimensionality and to regionalize the extreme indices. We also use regression analysis to find association
between the extreme and teleconnection indices. Some discussion about the trends of the extreme indices over
different European regions and results derived of the comparisons between extreme and mean precipitation will be
shown. The motivations to perform this study are the greater vulnerability of ecosystems to climate extremes and
the interest to derive statistical models to characterize how warmer climate would affect the occurrence of climate