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Climate-G focuses on challenging data and metadata management issues needed to allow cross-institutional climate data discovery, access, visualization and sharing.

climateg_sm.png Project type: European project
Program: Collaborative action
Period: March 2009
Status: In preparation
Web: Climate-G Data Distribution

Climate-G is a distributed testbed for climate change addressing challenging data and metadata management issues at a very large scale. The main scope of Climate-G is to allow scientists to carry out geographical and cross-institutional data discovery, access, visualization and sharing of climate data.
The Climate-G testbed is the result of an open, successful and wide collaboration joining grids and P2P paradigm, OGC services, visualization tools, etc. To enable geographical data sharing, search and discovery activities (through the Climate-G data grid portal interface) we adopted a distributed CMCC metadata solution leveraging P2P and grid technologies, the GRelC Data Access and Integration Service.

The Climate-G testbed provides a proof of concept concerning the involved technologies and right now it manages about 2TB of data provided by IPSL and University of Cantabria. Other datasets come from the IPCC website (AR4). Additional data from CMCC will be soon added to the digital library.

The Climate-G Data Distribution Centre is the data grid portal of the testbed and it is intended for scientists and researchers that want to carry out search and discovery activities on the available large scale digital library. It provides a ubiquitous and pervasive way to ease data publishing, metadata search & discovery, metadata annotation and validation, data access, etc.

The Climate-G data portal security model includes the use of HTTPS protocol for secure communication with the client (based on X509v3 certificates that must be loaded into the browser), secure cookies to establish and maintain user sessions as well as a complete role-based authorization system.