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A web portal for regional projection of weather forecast using GRID middleware

Journal: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Year: 2007   Volume: 4489
Initial page: 82   Last page: 89
Status: Published
PDF file: 2007_gutierrez_LNCS.pdf
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-72588-6_11

Weather forecast is a complex multi-disciplinary problem which requires a cascade of different scientific tools, from differential equation solvers to high-dimensional statistical and data-mining algorithms. The demand for high-resolution predictions is continuously increasing due to the multiple applications in hydrology, agronomy, etc., which require regional meteorological inputs. To fill the gap between the coarse-resolution lattices used by global weather models and the regional needs of applications, a number of statistical downscaling techniques have been proposed. In this paper we describe a Web portal which integrates the necessary tools with Grid middleware allowing for distributed data access and computing. The portal is part of the ENSEMBLES EU-funded project and allows end users to interactively downscale weather predictions using a web browser. Both the architecture and the usage of the portal are described in this paper.