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The Santander Meteorology Group is formed by researchers from different institutions working in Santander (Spain):

Universidad de Cantabria (UC) Data Mining and Enviromental Statistics (DMES) The Data Mining research group of Cantabria University (UC).
UC is one of the leading research universities in Spain. With an overall of 1,098 professors and researchers (485 Ph.D. permanent staff), the UC Research Groups have participated in 27 European Projects in the Fifth FP in fields such as information society technologies, genomics and biotechnology, high energy physics, climate research, etc.
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Instituto de Física de Cantabria (IFCA) The Cantabria Institute of Physics, a mixed research institute (IFCA) from the National Research Council (CSIC) and Cantabria University.
CSIC the most important research institution in Spain with more than 2500 scientists working in 120 research institues distributed in all Spanish regions. IFCA is a joint CSIC-UC research institute located in the UC campus.
Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) (Until 2010) The Regional Cantabrian Center from the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMet).
AEMET is the National Meteorological Institute (former INM) with regional centers in most of the regions. It is devoted both to operational weather prediction and to research. The Regional Cantabrian Center is the main branch office in the central Cantabric coast.
Predictia Intelligent Data Solutions S.L. (web)
A spin-off research company focusing on data mining applications in the environmental and health sectors. Predictia started its activity in 2008.
Predictia Intelligent Data Solutions

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