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This research group is formed by professors and researchers from the University of Cantabria (UC, Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) and the National Research Council (CSIC, Instituto de Física de Cantabria IFCA), conducting research in topics related to weather forecast, climate research, data mining and high-performance computing, and spatiotemporal chaotic systems (see research lines and publications for more details, or download a brochure of the group). The group has participated in 12 EU-funded projects, including the following ongoing ones:


Highlighted New:

High resolution weather forecast (9km Iberia) simulations are produced daily since 1st Nov 2010 using the WRF regional model coupled to the GFS outputs (see local weather forecast project for more details).

Different sets of parameterizations are used to explore model uncertainties and different products are daily produced to analyze the dispersion. For instance, the figures above show the ensemble-meteograms for Santander and Reinosa, 70 km away (more plots).